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Honor an Innovator with the Sanford Lorraine Cross Award

The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award will honor a trailblazer in medical research and innovation with $1 million.

While a sophisticated selection process will help us determine areas of innovation and pioneers leading that change, we’re also currently accepting nominations.

Our ideal candidate is the unheralded medical innovator who transcends convention to tackle the most complex and pressing conditions. The objective is not to celebrate achievement or basic research discoveries, but to catalyze game-changing innovation that promises to profoundly impact patients’ lives and health care delivery today. Learn more about the award.

Nominations are closed for 2018.

We need
you to win.

For more than a century, Sanford Health has made a difference by making visionary change. Today, we start one more.

The Sanford Lorraine Cross Award will honor a researcher or innovator pioneering the next breakthrough medical innovation. For the winner, it means a $1 million prize. For the world, it means a medical cure, treatment or invention that will impact lives today.